On Mike Moore's new book

Craven, Jim jcraven at clark.edu
Fri Feb 22 11:53:05 MST 2002

Response (Jim C): I only use the term "WHITE" trash when it is "whiteness"
that is being celebrated, made a point of or asserted as some kind of form
of superiority. Otherwise, trash is trash and reference to color is not
necessary. Furthermore, all over America are whites also brutally exploited,
not only along class lines but on the basis of being in some sub-group of
whites against which discrimination is being practiced.

Furthermore I take issue with the reference to Ho Chi Minh and Martin Luther
King. If MLK had really felt the pain and suffering of all those who trusted
him and his leadership, he would have never self-indulgently put himself
into the position of being blackmailed (all bios of J. Edgar hoover note
that MLK was quite compliant and passive in the presence of J. Edgar who let
him know that he had the tapes of him "overcoming" in various hotel rooms
with various women while maintaining a public personna of piety and
holiness) thus compromising elements of the overall movement as well. Ho Chi
Minh, on the other hand, walked his talk, never lived like an emperor, died
with few possessions and gave everything heart and soul to the liberation of
the Vietnamese People. Now the King family are part of the new Black
aristocracy and have commodified and profited from MLK's name and work--some
of which involved anything but "walking the talk."

Jim C

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