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> It would also be nice if the ruling party wasn't a
> client to transnational capitalism, but that is a different issue
> altogether.

Ni it isn't. Clients of imperialism inevitably make real peace utterly
impossible to be garnered. The "stability" of Angola would be at the cost of
destabilising the basic indicators of the population. One needs-- at a time when
there is uncertainty in the air-- to speak of the need for independence from IMF
colonialism. Two stages doesn't work.

Are there any listmembers who can give a brief historical outline of the
trajectory of the MPLA up to and including today?

> Colombia.  Given, the FARC are no angels themselves, but it has been
> documented that the state army and right-wing paramilitary death squads
> aligned with the state (although they continuously claim otherwise) are
> responsible for the vasy majority of civilian deaths during the civil war.

Exactly what are you conceding here? I am unclear what "no angels" refers to.

> So on this day we hope, and we act, for a real peace in Angola and
> Colombia and across the world, for the end of the exploitation of
> corporate globalization, the suffering of war, and the insanity of our
> apathy which allows these things to happen.

Most definitely agreed. I have noticed a political sensory overload among our
comrades here in the belly of the beast. Hopefully it is a sign of confusion and
hesitance ranther than surrender. The amount of events and the speed of
political developments have been unprecedented lately.

It feels like a calm before a storm. This could be their greatest crisis coming
right around the corner. We should be prepared to find events taking us
without warning. After that happens, the ballgame changes and anything could
happen. We must be ready!

Real peace-
socialism or barbarism.



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