On Mike Moore's new book

Bob Anderson citizen at comcast.net
Sat Feb 23 14:51:09 MST 2002

 > <<"Stupid White Men" hits #1 on national bestseller list -- Thank You
> Everyone!

A book extolling racial profiling be it toward the ruling class or car
drivers or airline passengers does not help us develop a revolutionary
theory for uniting our diverse peoples for fundamental social change.  In
fact, the book, or it title at least, pushes us farther apart by framing the
struggle as one skin color against another skin color.  The book might sell
a lot of copies but that is testament to the large problem we have to
overcome.  Based on its title I would not come near wasting money on it.

When I worked in the steel mills of Pittsburgh, with a very diverse
workforce, I learned that to create a strong union action on wages or
working conditions I needed the largest number of people as possible united
around us all being exploited as one class of folks: we are workers (of all
colors and sexes) and they are bosses (of all colors and sexes) and we act
differently due to our roles, not skin color.  This is not to deny that the
the power structure divides and exploits us along lines and features of our
differences and we activists would often take up those specific abuses but
exacerbating those differences in the struggle against globalization by
capital is not an answer to building a viable grassroots revolutionary
movement.  Maybe some only want to reform the situation with more Democratic
Party liberalism?

Also, take for example the term environmental racism.  Is pollution dumped
in communities because of people's skin color or is it done due to the lack
of political power and muscle?  I grew up in a little white east Tennessee
mountain town that was one chemical plant after another and to try to
suggest our condition was due to environmental racism would not allow any
way to challenge the problem.  East Liverpool, Ohio has a large toxic waste
incinerator sitting next to a school because it is a poor Appalachian
community, for instance.  Look at the waste dumped in West Virginia's rivers
from chemical and coal plants and you see poor whites.  To attack the
problem as one of racism leaves no way to unite the many other communities
facing the same problem.  I think Mike Moore has regressed from the days
when he made his good statement on the auto industry decapitalization.

bob Anderson
New Mexico

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