Background on the death of Daniel Pearl

Tom Siblo tsiblo at
Sat Feb 23 17:24:24 MST 2002

The murder of Danny Pearl clearly came about as a direct result of US
policies, combined with ILS complicity. Pearl was not a priority and the
demands being made were never considered.

His murder has a two fold puropose to show that when it comes for Islamist
Fundamentalism it will not bend and its political direction is both
anti-zionist and anti-jewish. Being anti-zionist is one issue and
understandable but being anti-semetic is very different. I understand by
good sources the last conscious words out of Mr. Pearl's mouth was" I am a
Jew and so was my father before me." This means he was clear in his own mind
this was more than killing for being a Wall Street Journal Bureau Chief in
search of a scoop. This was murder to kill a human being because he was
Jewish. I believe as revolutionary marxists we need to openly and public
condemn this act.

Tom Siblo

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