On Mike Moore's new book

Bob Torres bob at rjtorres.net
Sat Feb 23 18:04:47 MST 2002

* Bob Anderson (citizen at comcast.net) wrote:
>In fact, the book, or it title at least, pushes us farther apart by
>framing the struggle as one skin color against another skin color. The
>book might sell a lot of copies but that is testament to the large
>problem we have to overcome. Based on its title I would not come near
>wasting money on it.

I haven't read the book, so I have no idea if it frames domination as
necessarily race-based.  But I do think that we would do ill to ignore
the necessary and multiple ways in which forms of class domination are
linked to forms of racial domination.  It isn't an either-or

With that said, I agree that often racial issues can divide rather than
unite people who otherwise would be joined in struggle.  However, the
way to deal with this is to foreground and query this divide, the
reasons for it, and ways of overcoming it.  Ignoring it will not make it
go away.

Regardless, the fact remains that many of the problems that Michael
Moore points to *are* caused by stupid white men (viz. GWB).


bob torres

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