Savimbi Dead;War in Colombia

Sat Feb 23 18:55:30 MST 2002

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      Jonas Savimbi, head of UNITA, National Union for the Total
      Independence of Angola, counterrevolutionary extraordinaire,
      ally of such humanist illuminaries as Reagan, Bush, the CIA, the
      DeBeers Corporation, Israel, and apartheid South Africa,
      murderer of thousands of innocent Angolan civilians, subverter
      of the Angolan state and its independence, has reportedly been
      killed earlier today in skirmishes with the Angolan Armed

And I was on my way to bed.
Time to break out that old bottle of Stolichnaya and drink a quiet toast.
Jonas Savimbi !  May you rot . . . . and your soul (sold) finds no peace in the
eternity into which you have been cast, and the one after that.
Joe F

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