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Sun Feb 24 04:38:50 MST 2002

	At the time Churchill said this he was a member of the Liberal Party -- he
only 'crossed the floor of the House' some years later and the Labour Party
was in its infancy then. I think he was actually describing the Tory Party
at the time. I remember a neighbour of mine quoting this to me. The 'pint'
is not only an imperial measure but all pub, drinking glasses are marked
with a crown.

	One of the best Churchill quotes came from an encounter with Lady Nancy
Astor, the Canadian born wife of Lord Astor, the newspaper magnate. She was
the first woman MP to take up her seat (Markievicz was the first, elected,
woman MP but as a Shinner did not take her seat). She (Astor) was described
by the Communist MP William Gallacher as 'the most appalling woman I knew'.
Anyway, one day she said to Churchill, notorious for his love of brandy and

"Winston, if I were your wife I should give you poison."
He replied "Madam, if I were your husband I'd take it!"

Martin Spellman

> "a party of great vested interests, banded together in a formidable
> confederation, corruption at home, aggression to cover it up
> abroad...sentiment by the bucketful, patriotism by the imperial pint,
> the open hand at the public exchequer, the open door at the
> public-house, dear food for the millions, cheap labour for the
> millionaire."
> Winston Churchill describing 1904 England; cited by Lewis Lapham in
> the March 2002 Harper's

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