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Cass was extremely disparaging of writers who found much of value in
Indian character. For John Dunn Hunter, who in 1823 published a
memoir of his captivity among the Kickapoo and Osage Indians, he had
only contempt and criticism. He called him "one of the boldest" of
literary impostors; Hunter's book, he asserted, was a "worthless
fabrication . . . beneath the dignity of criticism." He attempted to
expose Hunter's ignorance of the history and customs of the Indians
with whom he claimed to have lived by reciting allegedly
contradictory ethnographic and historical evidence, and he produced
letters from persons in the Missouri region, some of whom Hunter
claimed to have known, who denied ever having met or heard of him.
Modern scholarship, however, has shown that it was Cass, not Hunter,
who was in error on some of the particulars. And part of Cass's ire
derived from the fact that Hunter's book had been favorably reviewed
in the London Quarterly Review, and Hunter himself on a visit to
England had been warmly received by a number of distinguished
persons, including Utopian socialist Robert Owen. Hunter actually
became a follower of Owen and later was murdered while attempting to
establish a Utopian community of Indians in Texas.

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