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Here we are a few days into what the press and politicians in 
colombia like to call 'total war', and what they now also call a 'war 
against Terrorism'.

So far there have been no known battles between the FARC and the army 
in what was the despeje.

The airforce has bombed the shit out of everything that might 
possibly be thought of as a military target. So far the only known 
casualties have been a farmer, his two year old son, and a teen age 
girl - kkilled when their farm was bombed. Also three soldeirs 
injured when their helicopter was fired upon.

The army has occupied the cowpastures and fields around the five 
towns in the despeje.

The FARC has disappeared from the towns of the despeje.

The FARC continues to blow up electricity transmission towers. 

Someone blew up an aqueduct in Huila, and someone else poisoned the 
water supply of another town in Huila. Huila is the hometown of the 
Turbay family, to which the kidnapped Senator belongs (though he is 
not the former president's son as I erroneously reported.) 

Huila is also the home of the FARC front which kidnapped the Senator, 
and the site of many of the FARC acts against electricity towers. It 
is right next to the despeje.

The paramilitaries continue to organize massacres in small towns here 
and there - and apparently have mounted a major action in and around 
the FARC influenced town of La Palma in cundinamarca (same department 
as Bogotá.) The offesnive against La Palma by the paramilitary has 
long been expected. At least 1,000 families have fled their small 

The most bizarre of the 'major' presidential candidates, Ingrid 
Betancourt, may have been kidnapped by the FARC. She was driving from 
Neiva (capital of Huila) to San Vicente de Caguan when she 
disappeared. Her campaign spokesman says she was kidnapped by the 

She is a 'reformer' whose one and only issue is corruption (everyone 
else of course is also against corruption.) She tried to finance her 
campaign with clandestine viagra sales. 

Anyway, that's all for now.


Louis Proyect, lnp3 at on 02/24/2002

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