Reply to Carlos regarding Colombia

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Mon Feb 25 15:01:10 MST 2002

The imperialists never had any intention of honest negotiations with the
rebels or they would have called off their dogs.  The despeje was a
gambit that apparently succeeded: foreign folks’ and mediated masses’
good will toward the FARC was sufficiently degraded and eroded by the
FARC’s defensive reactions to the war of attrition waged on them and the
rural population by the AUC and the Colombian military.  But the FARC
may have known this would happen and did not stand around the target and
drop zones waiting to be blown away by the impatience of the righteous.
If they have any sense of history they also realized that good behavior
and nice manners aimed at the seduction of progressive liberals and
social democrats would fail to keep them as allies when such armchair
confederates and single issue activists learned that the rebels are
actually social revolutionaries.

As for another criticism: there have been reports in the capitalist
press over the past couple of years that discount the sudden accusations
appearing in today’s papers that the FARC did nothing to advance the
conditions of the people of the despeje.  Sure they could have done more
for the people, as could the Cuban Revolution--if they were not so

It may astound some that the kidnapping by leftists of a well-heeled,
reactionary politico causes more of an uproar than the ongoing massacre
of the Colombian peasantry by the forces of the right.  (Perhaps the
same could be said about the great concern for the one slain Wall Street
Journalist versus the murder of the youth of Palestine.)

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