Israeli Army shoots pregnant women

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Israeli Army Shoots Pregnant Women and Other Civilians
February 25, 2002

The Israeli army and government continue to punish Palestinians through the
policy of closure -- however in a new twist the army is now using
and roadblocks as places to open fire on Palestinian civilians.

Yesterday, (24th February) Israeli soldiers shot Shadia Khalid with live
ammunition, as she attempted to reach the hospital in Nablus. The 27 year
old who was giving birth, remains in critical condition from a bullet that
hit her in the shoulder and chest.

This morning, Israeli soldiers opened fire on another family trying to reach
hospital. Maysoun Al-Ha'iq, 20 years old, who was in labour, was travelling
with her husband, Muhammad, and her 60-year-old father in law, Abdullah
Dauoud. After Israeli soldiers gave them permission to travel out of their
town of Zeita, realizing the urgency of the situation, the family approached
the military roadblock before Nablus, where soldiers in tanks opened fire on
them, killing Muhammad and critically injuring Abdullah. Maysoun was also
injured, in spite of which, she gave birth this morning to a girl - who will
never know her father.

In the Western area of Ramallah roads have been dug up and concrete blocks
positioned across other roads in order to prevent movement. For eight hours
yesterday, Medical Relief Committees attempted to get medical care to Sumaya
Al Tawil -- a 45-year-old woman suffering from a heart condition. Even with
the intervention of the Israeli organization Physicians for Human Rights,
the Israeli army refused to let an ambulance enter the area.

The closure, to which Palestinians are currently being subjected, is now
more than collective punishment. It has become another means for the Israeli
army to endanger people’s lives, and indeed kill them. The seriousness of
the situation is reflected by the fact that even ambulances are not able to

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