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> This may be why Ho Chi Minh was so quick to attack his comrades
> in the left opposition. Mao by the way carried on the extermination in about
> the same rate.

What silliness. It is nonsense to refer to any of the factions politically
operating in China while Mao was Chairman as "left opposition". The ones who
were attacked and silenced (not always by Mao or his guidance, mind you) before
1976 had promoted some variant of capitalist relations to production or
bourgeois values. The *opposition* are represented by who took power after the
death of Mao Tse-tung. The capitalists led by Deng after his death were so
thoroughly "exterminated" that it was all of five seconds after he died before
the Gang of Four were locked up. This "left opposition" led us to todays China--
the one that entered the WTO and supported the "War on Terror".

The GPCR made many horrific mistakes, but "exterminating" was not one of them.


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