Background on the death of Daniel Pearl

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>  I understand by
> good sources the last conscious words out of Mr. Pearl's mouth was" I
> am  a
> Jew and so was my father before me." This means he was clear in his own
> mind
> this was more than killing for being a Wall Street Journal Bureau Chief in
> search of a scoop. This was murder to kill a human being because he was
> Jewish. I believe as revolutionary marxists we need to openly and public
> condemn this act.

I need to know for certain that this act was anti-semitic before we would make
any denunciation (beyond stating the obvious: that we aren't in the business of
taking hostages to execute). Our job- to be blunt-- is to stop North Americans
from killing any more Muslims- not to stop Muslims from killing North Americans.
We stop that by fighting imperialism, too. We spend too much denouncing Third
World distorted resistance and not enough on our own resistance at home; we
should focus more on stopping mass murder from imperialism to stop extrajudical
murders by victims of imperialism.

If you want to save a man like Pearl, stop imperialism from enraging those it
enslaves to this level. If you want to combat anti semitism, stop the murder and
genocidal attacks on the Palestinians. The existence of anti-semitism is not
something we can tolerate within our own ranks but is almost inevitable with a
state that bases its own justification for being on religious mythology and then
carries out the wholesale slaughter of a generation for an entire nation based
on these very same myths. This fosters a hatred that tends to morph into the
grossest of distortions even when the contempt is righteous in what spawns it.


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