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The story of the support for Savimbi (among first world leftists) has its roots
in the Sino Soviet split and wretched sectarianism among would be vanguards,

The MPLA was supported first by Cuba and then by the Soviet Union (belatedly,
and against their better wishes, the Soviets were humiliated by the true
internationalism of the Cuban revolution and dragged their own carcasses into
Angola with weaponry for the MPLA- Cuba sent troops and charged not a penny for
their services.) in their battle after the departing of the Portuguese regime.
The UNITA forces were fiercely anti-communist and anti-soviet, and with "Maoism"
(something different from Mao Tse-tung and the government of China) having
labeled "Soviet social-imperialism" the number one threat in the world, the
anti-communism was overlooked and the anti-Sovietism and anti- "Cuban Social
imperialist puppets" appreciated and groomed. UNITA were hailed as freedom
fighters and independence seekers against an expansionist Soviet empire. Yet
another example of how the tragedy of the Sino-Soviet split became almost
comical, were it not so real in consequence for all of us.


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