Anti-imperialist fighters really need the CWI!

Domhnall donaloc at
Tue Feb 26 10:13:46 MST 2002

Carlos wrote:

d) There is not in existence, today in the US, any Marxist current with
organic links with the semi colonial world, particularly Latin America.

That wouldn't be anything to do with the sectarian, utopian bilge which
passes for 'peripheral nation' analysis which we see eminating from
self-proclaimed proletarian vanguard parties and 90% of so-called
intellectual/well-read marxists in imperialist centres, would it?

Why would a Nicaraguan or South African listen to a well-heeled, well-read,
know-it-all,know-damn-all-at-the-same-time telling you how you are going
wrong when they can't even succeed in building a decent labour party in
their own country. Is it possible that this ultraleftist splurge is merely
an outworking of the 'manifest destiny' of first world inhabitants to tell
us plebs in the third world that we are useless at making the revolution -
and that they would have been (oh so much) better at the process had they
been given an equal chance. No offence meant to those good comrades who
already understand this, but this tone of condescending attitude has really
began to irk me. In reality, these scumbags would run at the whistle of a
passing bullet and god help any real activist they knew if they actually
faced torture!

I for one, can't see how any CWI-affiliated newsheet will help this process.
They represent the worst, i.e. most pro-imperialist (in reality),
anti-nationalist, utopian-ultraleft fringe of the ultraleft. Come the
glorious day...they'll dance high while the masses sing.

Domhnall (in a bad mood)

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