Mon., Mar. 4: Edmund Hanauer, SEARCH for Justice & Equality in Palestine/Israel

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Monday, March 4

Edmund Hanauer's Lecture on "US Policy towards Palestine/Israel: How
Americans Can Work for Peace in Palestine/Israel"

Speaker: Edmund Hanauer, SEARCH for Justice and Equality in Palestine/Israel

Time: 5:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Location: the African/African-American Hall of Fame in the Frank W.
Hale Jr., Black Cultural Center, 153 West 12th Avenue, Columbus, OH

About the Speaker: Edmund Hanauer is the director of SEARCH for
Justice and Equality in Palestine/Israel (SEARCH) and edits SEARCH's
Palestine/Israel File.  In addition to numerous lectures at leading
universities and talks to civic, educational, and human rights
groups, Hanauer has spoken twice to the Nieman Fellows in Journalism
at Harvard and the State Department's Open Forum of the Secretary of
State.  Hanauer's articles on the Arab-Israeli conflict have appeared
in more than 30 major newspapers, and he has been interviewed
numerous times on TV and radio, including C-SPAN and National Public

Sample Articles by Edmund Hanauer: "Double Standard Must End,"
_Milwaukee Journal Sentinel_ 25 February 2002; "Mideast Policy
Counterproductive," _Seattle Post-Intelligencer_ 7 February 2002,
<>; "Palestinians'
Rights Ignored," _USA Today_ 26 July 2000,
<>; "Camp David
and the Al-Aqsa Intifada,"
<>; & "U.S.
Policy Must Force Barak's Hype into Real Action," _Houston Chronicle_
20 July 1999,

About SEARCH: SEARCH is a national non-profit human rights and
educational organization, founded in 1972, which seeks a just
Israeli-Palestinian peace based on the inalienable rights of both
peoples.  SEARCH's focus is on improving media coverage on
Palestine/Israel.  SEARCH believes that justice for Palestinians and
security for Israeli Jews are not mutually exclusive, but
interdependent.  The attainment of Palestinian rights is therefore a
desirable goal in itself, as well as a means of securing Israel's
future.  That future cannot be assured while Palestinian rights are
denied.  SEARCH seeks a US policy committed to the rights of both
peoples.  Unfortunately, US policy, which includes aid to Israel of
over three billion dollars a year, enables Israel to disregard
international law, human rights, and democratic values (Human Rights
Petition 1999,
<>).  No peace is
possible without a change in US policy.  A prerequisite for such
change is a US public both better informed and insistent on a just
resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Sponsor: the Student International Forum
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D. Stansbery, 252-9255.

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