Daniel Pearl: Should His Editors

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Daniel Pearl: Should His Editors
Have Sent Him There?
By Alexander Cockburn


North then remarked that the outlook of the Pakistani terrorists is not so
different from that of that Thomas Friedman, the repellent columnist of the
New York Times, also recently recruited as a kind o Kuralt of globalization
by PBS's Lehrer News Hour. North cited a recent Friedman column which
praised Bush's Axis of Evil speech in these terms: "Sept. 11 happened
because America lost its deterrent capability. We lost it because for 20
years we never retaliated against, or brought to justice, those who
murdered Americans ...innocent Americans were killed and we did nothing.


CB: We hear this "innocent Americans were killed " as justification for the U.S. war all the time of course.  But I doubt that the U.S. would refrain from war if only "guilty " Americans were killed. Don't they really mean that all Americans are "innocent"  ( like Daisy Miller in Rome),and that all foreigners are guilty ? Afterall the Americans are bombing indiscriminantly in Afghanistan and Iraq.  They don't claim ( yet ) to have 20,000 lbs, "morally discerning" bombs, do they ?



Leave the last beautiful, true words to Daniel Pearl's widow:


"My other hope now -- in my seventh month of pregnancy -- is that I will be
able to tell our son that his father carried the flag to end terrorism,
raising an unprecedented demand among people from all countries not for
revenge but for the values we all share: love, compassion, friendship and
citizenship far transcending the so-called clash of civilizations."


CB: Seems to me we have as much a clash between a civilization ( Arab and Islamic) and a country, the U.S. I am not sure that all of Western Civ has signed on yet.

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