Vancouver Mourns Loss of People's Champion -- Harry Rankin

Craven, Jim jcraven at
Tue Feb 26 16:49:00 MST 2002

Harry Rankin was a long time member of the Communist Party of Canada and one
of the most successful Communist politicians in North America (running under
the COPE label which was a popular front of Communist Party supporters and
others on the left.


Response (Jim C): I knew Harry, it has been quite awhile since I have seen
him and I will miss him. I plan to be in Vancouver for the tribute to him.
He was one of the most non-sectarian people I have ever known and one of the
few on the left in Vancouver who bridged the gap between the left and First
Nations peoples and causes in Vancouver. On any given day, there would be a
long line outside of his office of the very poor and voiceless who always
got much more of his time than the celebrities and the connected--he went
out of his way to diss anyone who tried to see him with insider connections
or celebrity status. He was also--quietly to be more effective--very active
in getting justice for Residential School survivors and pushing for police
investigations into abuses of First Nations peoples on the streets of

He will be missed and needed by many of the victims and voiceless in
Vancouver and all over Canada.


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