Vancouver Mourns Loss of People's Champion -- Harry Rankin

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Tue Feb 26 18:48:05 MST 2002

Xxxx wrote:

> Harry Rankin was a long time member of the Communist Party of Canada and one
> of the most successful Communist politicians in North America (running under
> the COPE label which was a popular front of Communist Party supporters and
> others on the left.

Green Party, NDP type social democrats and some CP'ers- that's COPE, not a front
for the Communist Party. The implication of the term is they were hiding. They

For any who may be at this meeting, I intend to come out. His face was one of
the few of respectability on the left who opposed the NATO bombing and that war
against the people of Yugoslavia. I have had the opportunity to eat with the
Cuban ambassador to Canada at Harry's home a couple of years ago at a fundraiser
to break El Bloqueo. Harry was very earnest and was at many of the anti-war
rallies this year alone- I have a hard time believing he won't be there again.
He was a staunch fixture- preferring to fade into the back of the crowd and
politely refuse the request to speak at any given rally and/or forum.

Any people on the Coast under 30: Come to the memorial. You know nothing of
where we are if you know not where we have been.

Don't mourn, organise.


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