Savimbi Dead

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Tue Feb 26 20:37:20 MST 2002

On 25 Feb 02, at 21:56, Macdonald Stainsby wrote:

> The story of the support for Savimbi (among first world leftists) has its
> roots in the Sino Soviet split and wretched sectarianism among would be
> vanguards, unfortunately.

Afrique-Asie, a French language magazine with a world-wide distribution,
broke the story of Savimbi's alliance with Portuguese colonialism in 1972.
By 1975, when UNITA's alliance with the South African apartheid regime
was glaringly clear,  I don't think any progressive of any stripe supported

It wasn't the Sino-Soviet split that made Savimbi such a dangerous and
deadly monster -- it was the unstinting and unwavering support of the
United States from the early '70s to the late '90s.


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