Free Tibet from the Dalai Lama

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I would be very interested in pursuing this book and checking it out.
The question of Tibet and the question of Buddhism are two different
things. I wish I could recommend one of the most extensive
commentaries on questions of Buddhism and feminism, those of the old
Rajneesh. He is so discredited now that his monumental critique of
Buddhist attitudes toward women seems destined to be forgotten. A
real pity. His movement turned into such a mess that it may never
Before the left gets started on Buddhism, it is important to consider
whether it has the tools to analyze such a religion. Between Hegel
and Feuerbach, a complete set of distortions is possible with this
strange religion. As Rajneesh suggests, and his movement was
virtually run by women by the way, Buddhism' attitude toward women is
in part due to the whole patriarchal tradition and in part to the
attitude of Buddha himself, if you review his life story-myth.
As Rajneesh was at pains to point out, this was simply an unnecessary
limitation on the whole of Buddhism.
Rajneesh also pointed out that Buddhism, at least til modern times,
has been unique in its success rate of actually delivering liberation
where others are forever in the Deepak Chopra realms. So trashing
Buddhism is contra-indicated. Anyway, a lot could be said here. But
after the treatment of China of Tiber, the left must also answer to
immense bitterness at watching the destruction of this tradition-
world, whatever its limitations.
I hold no brief for the Dalai Lama, and looking at his recent works
find a public relations artist at work.
Any critique of Buddhism from the left has to get straight on
basic 'evolutionary psychology of consciousness', or the result will
be the tragic destruction of one of the few remaining bastions of
real consciousness. As Rajnesh suggested, tear the whole Buddhism
down and hand it over to women. What's the difference. The core
issues of liberation would profit better in such a renewed post-
I will try to track down this material.
John Landon

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