The Sins of Strong Communities

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Wed Feb 27 08:09:34 MST 2002

Joan wrote:

The point in all this, in case you're wondering, is that
collective identity based on accident of birth must of necessity
suppress division within the group. Pre-class societies handle
irreconcilable differences through the process of fission; class
societies handle them through conscious suppression of emotion.

Collective identity based on free and open decision making, can
only evolve under conditions of socialism.

Community spirit is a motherhood and apple pie issue; and, as
with patriotism, it hides a multitude of sins.

Who is disagreeing with this?

The question for me is how can we establish free and open decision making
procedures within societies which have only partially been opened up to the
culture of the coloniser. It's not as simple as just raising the red flag -
it involves a raising of consciousness and ownership of governance (in short
education through struggle). The problem is not departing from the level of
this collective consciousness and leaving yourself vulnerable to the
interests of potential colonists (from whatever source). Meanwhile, you have
to operate within an advanced capitalist economic system which acts as a
straitjacket to National Sovereignty. This underlying contradiction finds
expression within liberation movements in these societies who have one eye
to primitive societies and another to nuclear-tipped imperialists.


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