The truth about the Socialist Aliiance National Conference

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Wed Feb 27 08:27:36 MST 2002

: Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 10:44:15 -0000
: From: "Domhnall" <donaloc at>
: Subject: The truth about the Socialist Aliiance National Conference (Dec
: 1)
: We have been hearing a number of accounts of how the Socialist Alliance
: has
: been taken over by the SWP - mostly from CWI-affiliates. In Friday 22nd's
: Morning Star (the only daily left-wing paper produced in Britain), Liz
: Davies gave her side of the story. As it isn't on-line, I've typed the
: relevant section of her article. As an aside, the Morning Star is a great
: example of what a left-wing daily should be like - it's only 12 pages
: (unfortunately) but finds room for two pages of sport, one page of TV
: listings, an Arts/Culture review page, two feature pages (usually on
: politics), two pages of news, three of articles and the front page. It's
: website is:

Just a trainspotting point: the tiny Worker's Revolutionary Party still
churn out a daily Newsline:

Otherwise an interesting post, Domhnall!

Magnus B


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