Re.: FW: Pentagon Propaganda Plan Is Undemocratic, Possibly Illegal

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Wed Feb 27 16:47:44 MST 2002

Yep, Jim, I had a similar response:
” I chuckled, “but Rendon is still on the payroll.”

One of my favorite techniques is their series of dodges and pettifoggery
that bureaucrats use to stymie investigations.  First there is
denial.  That can go on for years, like with Agent Orange or the
sabotage of Allende.  Then when the facts are indisputable, someone
announces that they “had already terminated the program and acknowledged
that it was "inappropriate."”

So reporters go, “Hm, okay, sorry for bringing it up.  Glad you learned
your lesson.  Thank heavens that’s over.”

No more Palmer Raids or Red Scares after 1919

And our guys are the nicest fellows in uniform... this best of all possible countries.

I love this bit from yesterday's NYT:

"The office is done," Mr. Rumsfeld told reporters. "What do you want,

--ironic, non?

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