who said it?

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Wed Feb 27 20:42:45 MST 2002

>From a comrade:

Who said it?

"We are very, very clear in terms of our recognition and acceptance and
support for the Garda Síochána as the only legitimate policing service in
the State and also in terms of the legitimacy of the defence forces as the
only legitimate force." (24 Feb 02)

a. Bertie Ahern, An Taoiseach, Fianna Fail - Head of The Free State
b. Michael Noonan, Fine Gael - The Free State Opposition
c. Kieran McGann, Superintendent of Garda - The Free State Police
d. Brian Cowen, Minister for Foreign Affairs - The Free State Regime
e. Michael McDowell, Attorney General - The Free State Regime
f. Gerry Adams, Provisional Sinn Fein - The "Republican" Party

If you answered "f", you get to move to the front of the class with a wee gold
star.  It was the WEF-attending Mr. Adams who voiced support for the
anti-republican, anti-working class, police and military force of the Free
State. Those who are not convinced by now that Provisional Sinn Fein is no
longer revolutionary, republican, socialist or even objectively anti-imperialist
are simply incorrigible.  Nothing will persuade them to face reality. We must
leave them to their unenviable fate.

Sean Noonan

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