Vancouver Mourns Loss of People's Champion -- Harry Rankin

Stephen Harvey swh10 at
Thu Feb 28 00:03:14 MST 2002

Good to see Hary Rankin remembered publicly.  He fought a long and
sometimes lonely battle on Vancouver city council.  He was by turns
grouchy, irascible, scathingly funny and entirely unapologetic about his

beliefs.  Not many like him around any more up here.
     The last few years we lived in Vancouver, we lived in the first
housing co-op built in Fairview Slopes (a fairly yuppie-ish section of
Vancouver).  This was in the riding of Progressive Conservative Member
of Parliament, Pat Carney.  As this co-op was federally-funded (one of
the last to be so funded) Ms. Carney had to be invited to the grand
opening.  But we knew who we wanted: Harry Rankin.  Ms. Carney didn't
come but was represented by her executive assistant.  We asked Harry to
speak. he didn't say anything particularly interesting but the look of
suppressed fury on the executive assistant's face as she realized he'd
been invited to speak was a source of great delight to many of us.  He
didn't need to say much to get up the nose of most conservatives.
One of his many qualities that will be missed.   Steve H

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