What's in the latest Green Left Weekly? #482 February 27, 2002

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                            Green Left Weekly,
                                 Issue #482
                             February 27, 2002

Green Left Weekly provides news, information, opinion and debate from an
environmental and left perspective.


The Australian government's policy of mandatory detention of asylum
seekers who arrive in Australia without authorisation has been supported
by both Labor and Coalition governments since it was first introduced in
1992. Green Left Weekly exposes the lies that this policy is based upon.


 * The most disturbing lie of all
 * Mandatory detention - a policy based on lies


 * Cuban Communist Youth: `Che Lives'


 * ZIMBABWE: `No to dictatorship, no to neo-liberal poverty'
 * ZIMBABWE: Was Tsvangirai `stung' by Mugabe agents?
 * INDONESIA: Saying `Long live the workers' gets you a prison sentence
 * ACEH: Student leader arrested
 * YEMEN: Saleh joins Bush's `war on terrorism'
 * UNITED STATES: Steel companies call for increased tariffs, subsidies
 * INDONESIA: Fighter for democracy dies
 * ARGENTINA: `For a government of popular assemblies!'
 * SCOTLAND: Socialist youth group founded
 * SCOTLAND: Protesters blockade Trident base
 * VENEZUELA: Anti-Chavez campaign escalates
 * ISRAEL: Divisions grow over war
 * PALESTINE: Guerilla actions stun Israeli military
 * SOUTH AFRICA: Privatised power company sacks workers
 * INDONESIA: Floods exacerbate economic disaster


 * Refugee campaign builds up pressure on Howard
 * GLW-John Pilger meeting sold out
 * M1 Melbourne gains support
 * Socialist Alliance beats the odds
 * People's inquiry reveals government lies
 * Newtown rally: `Close the camps!'
 * Refugee solidarity grows in north NSW
 * Darwin high school students condemn government lies
 * `Labor MPs don't represent membership'
 * ASIO bill condemned
 * Hundreds support refugees


 * Pilger: The Murdoch effect
 * Hollingworth has no credibility
 * Sydney Palm Sunday committee continues exclusion policy
 * Should students support disaffiliation from NUS?
 * Tertiary education union prepares for attacks


 * Not so shallow, Hal
 * Resistance interviews Regurgitator
 * Rabbit-Proof Fence: An expose of Australia's racism


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