Support for the organs of the Free State

Domhnall donaloc at
Thu Feb 28 04:31:47 MST 2002

"We are very, very clear in terms of our recognition and acceptance and
support for the Garda Síochána as the only legitimate policing service in
the State and also in terms of the legitimacy of the defence forces as the
only legitimate force." (24 Feb 02)


I did hear Daithi Doolan say something similar on the radio last Saturday -
admittedly, I was slightly surprised but then he phrased it very carefully
(assuming this is an accurate quote, Gerry used the words 'Defence Forces'
as opposed to 'Army' - in a similar fashion to Daithi did). It would be very
easy for us to take a more open, traditional position but our enemies would
really enjoy that - McDowell (PD/Attorney General) already painted us as a
bunch of unelectables. Why give them any more target to aim at?

Sean, it is strange that you picked up on the focus of support for the
Garda. I would consider support for the Free State Defence forces to be the
most important issue?

In reality, the statement is merely the logical extension of our decision to
end 'abstentionism' back in '86. I also might add that all our Councillors
have solemnly declared their opposition to all forms of political violence
(a condition of serving as an elected official in the six counties) for the
best side of two decades - I'm sure most will understand.

In any case, I'll just have to remember that next time I get into a riot in
the twenty-six counties! If this satisfies people that we're not a bunch of
lepers then let's move on - words in an election are cheap, it's what we do
that needs to be critically appraised.


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