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Thu Feb 28 11:02:46 MST 2002

>FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE       Contact:    Rana Abbas
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>February 27, 2002 [Dearborn, Michigan] - An article was published today in
>Wayne State University's newspaper, The South End, titled "Islam Sucks."
>This article, written by Joe Fisher, is full of stereotypes, hatred and
>complete ignorance.
>The author describes the religion of Islam as a religion that "presents a
>danger to the welfare of many due to its influence in Middle Eastern and
>North African governments.  Islam subjugates hundreds of millions of women,
>sexual minorities and other religions where it's the law of the land."  He
>also goes on to make false accusations about the religion, indicating that
>Islam, "reading the holy books of other religions is a serious sin."
>It is absolutely appalling that such ignorance, accompanied by numerous
>inaccuracies would find its place in a newspaper distributed by a highly
>respected academic institution.  Such hatred and irresponsible journalism,
>which lacks credibility, should not be granted the courtesy of being heard
>through a university of Wayne State's caliber.  A difference exists between
>educated, healthy debate and spewed hatred.  Different views help us to
>better understand each other and further appreciate our diversity.  Blatant
>hatred, however, does nothing but fuel anger and serve to divide.
>"There is a fine line between hatred and freedom of expression," states
>Hamad, ADC Midwest Regional Director.  "Freedom of expression is a right,
>granted to us by our forefathers to help us better understand our
>differences.  It should not be used to justify the spreading of hatred.  We
>are confidant that a well respected institution, such as Wayne State, will
>tend to this situation amicably and effectively."
>ADC encourages you to write to, or call the editor of The South End and
>request a public apology.  Please send them an informed and educated
>explaining the ramifications of this publication:
>Editor-in-Chief - Jason Clancy, e-mail:     jason at
>Commentary Desk:                313-577-3497 or 313-577-8067
>Fax Number:             313-993-8108

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