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: I would ask others to comment on youth movements generally. The one we
: always told of is the Basque youth movement, Harrai. The highlight of
: their annual activities is a weeklong trek every Summer culminating in a
: pop/rock concert organised by the group. The weekend has between
: participants and the concert is really well attended. The whole thing
: forms part of their popular youth culture and has been going for decades.
: Cuban Youth movement are also held up as a good example so what are the
: factors which make a good youth movement?
: Is mise,
: Domhnall.

The German Rebell, youth org of marxist-leninist-Mao Ze Dong thought
followers MLPD gather about 25 000 for their Whitsun youth festivals:

Here in Norway the Red Youth (  and the Socialist Youth
( are both nominally revolutionary, and quite strong. They
regularly gather 2-300 at summer camps and 3-400 at conferences.

Magnus B

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