SF view on southern cops and army

Philip Ferguson plf13 at it.canterbury.ac.nz
Thu Feb 28 14:24:00 MST 2002

Gerry Adams:
>"We are very, very clear in terms of our recognition and acceptance and
>support for the Garda SÌoch·na as the only legitimate policing service in
>the State and also in terms of the legitimacy of the defence forces as the
>only legitimate force." (24 Feb 02)

This is not, as Donal argues, a logical extension of ending the
abstentionist policy in the South.  There's nothing aobut taking seats in
the southern parliament which requires revolutionaries to praise the armed
forces and police of the southern state - especially when these forces have
been used for 80 years to violently suppress republicanism.

Rather, Adams' new-found support for the repressive institutions of the
southern state indicate the incorporation of SF/IRA into the status quo, as
previous generations of republicans were also incorporated.  Indeed, since
its inception the southern state has been run the entire time by parties
which came out of repubicanism.  So the present SF/IRA leadership are
continuing that tradition.

Given this support for the repressive institutions of the southern state,
it is unlikely there will be any barrier on participating in government in
the south.  Being in a coalition with Fianna Fail in the south would nicely
complement being in coalition with the Unionists and SDLP and British
imperialism in the north.  If you're going to help run the direct colony on
the island, you may as well help run the neo-colony as well.

Indeed, the next logical steps for the Provisionals are to go into
coalition in the south and disband the IRA.  It's only a matter of time
before these are done.

Philip Ferguson

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