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I'm not one to post to lists, but I found the discussion post WEF
while searching for responses to it.

I find it strange that no one bothered to comment on the mention by
Stuart Lawrence of the presence of a contingent of Steelworkers from

So people know they came down as a contingent of three buses
organised by the local Mobilisation for Global Justice group.

Some of us up here in Toronto have been continually fighting to pull
peopel from the unions closer together with those in the
anti-capitalist movement. Many of the steel workers that came down
had also been in Quebec and were radicalised by what happened there.

Outside of the cops harrassing them and the other two buses on both
sides of the Lincoln Tunnel (they were all pulled over both on the
jersey side and the new york side and the buses were given a "safety
inspection", in which the cops stole all the steelworkers flag poles,
which led to the funny situation where they all wore their flags like
capes kinda like a union super hero crew) all of them felt that it
was a very worthwile trip to go down and protest the WEF.

It is through doing small things like this ie: getting the ones and
twos to rub shoulders with the new movement that can help draw in
larger layers of workers to the movement and has the knock effect of
getting youth interested in supporting unions.

I will say though that it wasn't an accident that they came down, it
was the product of much hard work and argument by socialists and
activists inside the Steelworkers union in Toronto over time to have
obtained the credibility to get their area council to vote pretty
much unanimously in favour of sponsoring a bus to NYC.

R. W.

Louis Proyect, lnp3 at on 02/28/2002

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