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Chris Brady cdbrady at
Thu Feb 28 17:45:07 MST 2002

Excellent news from the labor front.

>From direct personal experience:
As for NYC demos, I have found cops there to be profoundly paranoid.
They take away anything that might be imagined to be used as a weapon
such as sticks to hold up signs and banners, as well as flag poles.
The same sticks used to hold up signs in Washington, DC, the nation's
capital, were confiscated by the New York City Police Department.
So the type of great parades one sees in photographs from the past
with grand banners held aloft by demonstrating workers
will never be seen again.
When I asked a police captain what we were supposed to use to hold
up our signs (think about 1st Amendment issues) he replied we could
get long cardboard tubes, that would be okay.

But, New Yorkers, do you know if the same attitude prevails
during the St. Patrick's Day parade?
Or when a patriotic festival like the Desert Storm celebration occurs?

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