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Here is the website for the book. (Re post from a few days ago) I
think this is relevant to the list since a genuine marxist critique
here can get mixed up with a destructive bent. Whatever the case,
this book was inevitable (I haven't read it yet)
In fact, this work looks to be the latest in a genre.
Since there was some conflict re Buddhism here before I will say
something briefly....
I have often been suspicious of Buddhism, especially since it is
something I respect. The confusions of the Hindu world are clear,
beside its wonders. Buddhism always seemed to be pure.

I remember the old days when the Tibetans arrived in Boulder Colorado
and wondering what was what. I often felt there was something strange
behind the obvious and benign aspect. This was a world that had
become 'mechanized samsara' to make a sufi thought buddhist.

None of this is new, in fact, once you scratch the surface, or look
at the literature all the way back to Blavatsky.
Check out a figure such as Gurdjieff, important because he as a
definite engaged reactionary using the 'esoteric' for conservative
antidemocratic skullduggery. At the same time, the ominous and quite
projection of the 'evil man' image,the sufi 'man of blame', almost
inviting persecution,  to the extent of calling himself 'Beelzebub'
has often struck many as a warning given to westerners,
and he was found in Paris at the end of the war, thriving, his larder
of his famous foods brimming over. Noone knows.
The hints of fascism in such people, and the charges should be
proven, not innuendo, have been persistent. Rajneesh was one of the
first to make them, by the way. It is worth checking out the German
Rajneesh connection, if any. It is still a huge presence there.
Gurdjieff flaunted a kind of de Maistrean reactionary

People seem to either love or hate this other fellow, Rajneesh. At
least consider that he wrote a text, Communism, and Zen Wind, Zen
Fire. He consistently tried to establish a non-conservative version
of these reactionary religious establishments, even if he was part of
the same guru tradition.
Etc, etc... This stuff is relevant because these spiritual forms are
potent and spreading a lot faster than Marxism, it must be said. So
study is needed. What is one dealing with?

It is always important to beware the witchhunt in these matters.
Before buying into charges without evidence, remember the slaughter
of the Buddhists in India, and the destruction of the sufis, and
their replacement by village mullas with signs on them, 'sufi'. The
same will happen here. Buddhism will be destroyed, dry cleaned and
marketized. The real thing will submerge.

Marxists are poised to contribute a Feuberbachian critique, or wreck
havoc here, for these religions as degenerated ideologies and guru
empires as the backbone of Brahminism and exploitation are not likely
to survive, as these brief encounters of 'disciples' show. It is an
ironic twist to the New Age. These religions are so old now, their
origins are another matter.

As to the witchhunt, these people are accusing these lamas of trying
to take over the world using tantric sex magic. Give me a break. If
that's what they are doing why did they wait a thousand years for the
Chinese to chase them to America?
Give them some caves in Colorado and forget about them.

John Landon

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