To Anthony: Talking is fine

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Thu Feb 28 21:43:55 MST 2002


Usually, I do not engage in discussions on e-mail lists. Particularly on
more partisan themes or discussions on particular political projects.
Especially when they are in a process of elaboration.

Partly because the lack of time, partly because I do not find these
lists a useful medium, unless there is some sense of common strategic
purpose, which I do not see reflected in a heterogeneous group like this
one.  This is not a dismissive attitude towards others but useful
boundaries to keep focused on other stuff.

I got interested in the Brigade's historical record and in the
discussion on the "peace processes" because I considered them more
general topics and I though you had some important points to make. From
time to time I get an e-mail that attracts my attention and I may answer
if I have the time to do so.

As you could see, I did not get into some responses to my comments that
I considered off the cuff and highly unnecessary.

This is not at all a refusal to discuss any particular question you or
anyone else has on the side.  You, or any other comrade, may write me at
alternative at and I will be glad to answer -provided I have
the answer... of course.



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