Martin Fierro is useful again

Nestor Gorojovsky nestorgoro at
Mon Jul 1 06:12:27 MDT 2002

"Aura son estos morenos
Pa alivio de mi vejez"

Martín Fierro

("And now it is these darkies
to alleviate my old age")

No racism intended. Just a piece from _Martín Fierro_, which probably
neither Armand nor his newly born supporter have read (and yet, they
pretend to speak on Argentina!).

Listen, children, in agreement with Duhalde, Felipe Solá has just
appointed as Minister of Security in the Province of Buenos Aires
such a "leftist" and "soft-handed" man as Juan Pablo Cafiero, a
guarantee of democratic behavior if anything like that can be found
among Peronists or self-appointed Peronists. Cafiero belongs to the
"progressive" wing of the ruling bloc, the FREPASO. His appointment
has been a clear signal that Solá and Duhalde will attempt to do some
clean up of the most reactionary elements in the police forces.

How will your Enlightened Ignorances explain this fact?

By simply stating some stupid and false sloganeering on the "Cafiero
torturador" line????????????????

Your sources betray you, dear children. I am very busy now to enter a
debate with "international" supporters of the Partido Obrero or other
sects. I simply want to point out that people such as them are the
main reason why the Argentinean working class is still Peronist.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
nestorgoro at


Compañeros del exercito de los Andes.

...La guerra se la tenemos de hacer del modo que podamos:
sino tenemos dinero, carne y un pedazo de tabaco no nos
tiene de faltar: cuando se acaben los vestuarios, nos
vestiremos con la bayetilla que nos trabajen nuestras mugeres,
y sino andaremos en pelota como nuestros paisanos los indios:
seamos libres, y lo demás no importa nada...

Jose de San Martín, 27 de julio de 1819.


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