Against Scott's distortion ... and Nestor's and Armand's and everyone else's

Martin Schreader mschreader at
Mon Jul 1 09:06:48 MDT 2002

Louis, this isn't really about the PO, it's about getting the truth about
Argentina -- unadulterated by spin of one form or another. If James Petras
is really that kind of source, I would like to see him post here more often.
Personally, I would also like to read his answers to the questions I posted.


P.S.: What hair? I would have though Diamond and the rest of the APST swamp
gas would have you looking like a fallout victim by now. ;-)

Louis Proyect wrote:
> James Petras is such a source.
> As far as the PO is concerned, they seem to be a garden-variety sect whose
> reputation is sunk by their own words, rather than anything that Nestor
> written, which is mild by comparison. Their website contains a series of
> denunciations of rival Trotskyist sects, including this bit of howling at
> the moon:
> "The Pabloites have distorted the Trotskyist program and adapted it to
> various nonrevolutionary petty-bourgeois and bureaucratic currents. They
> have subordinated or denied the role of Trotskyist parties as the
> expression of the political independence of the working class, in favor of
> adaptation to these nonproletarian and nonrevolutionary forces. The
> organizations of the International Committee of 1963-1971 tended to
> national-Trotskyist adaptationism with extreme forms of
> sectarianism (Lambert most clearly characterized by capitulation to social
> democracy, Healy by collapse into crazy sectarianism)."
> When I read this kind of garbage, my hair hurts.

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