Argentina/ Moreno?

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Mon Jul 1 12:05:32 MDT 2002

          I only know shematicly the dynamics of the
Argentinian left. From what I can get on the debate is
that PO is tied with the Lambertist group in some way
(or perhaps used to be) and many of these other
tendencies all come from the old Moreno group. It
seems Armand also comes from this Morenista tradition
as well. Can anyone give a history of the PO which
limits its self to the general history of such a group
and leave out vicious attacks that some might be
inclined to take.

         More importantly, I have developed a
curiosity to the Morenistas. It seems that Moreno
developed some interesting theories that are unique to
Trotskyism from his organic connection he had to the
working class movement in Latin America. He had
concerns with Eurocentricism in Marxism, and the
paternalistic relationship that developed amongst
marxist in the industrialized countries to those of
the third world. He tried in some way to develop
Trotskyism in a way that would fit the particularities
of Latin America  because the mechanical export of
European marxism to Latin America only becomes vicious
barrier to important questions like the Indigenous for

          But could anyone give both a general history
of this group and different explanations of its brake
It claimed 25 thousand members at its peak which would
make it the biggest Trostkyist group in the world.
If Moreno was the only force that united such
different political currents there were obviously many
weakness in such a structure. Moreno might have set a
new premise for Marxist thought from his ambitious
work. Do people see him as making this type of
contributions to Marxism?


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