Freemasons, Fraternities and cults

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Mon Jul 1 15:39:46 MDT 2002

Offhand, I am not aware of any Marxist studies of Freemasonry.
Members of Freemasonry certainly played key roles in
propogating the ideas of the Enlightenment (Voltaire
was a Mason) through Europe and America during the
18th century, and leaders of such bourgeois revolutions
as the American Revolution (i.e. Franklin, Washington), and the French
Revolution (i.e. many of the Jacobins) are said to have
been Masons.  The composer Motzart was a Mason,
and some of his operas like The Magic Flute are
filled with Masonic symbolism.  Since, Freemasonry
has long been condemned by the Catholic Church,
the Freemasons have often been at the center of
anticlerical politics in Catholic countries.

What is perhaps even more interesting, are the numerous
conspiracy theories that have existed concerning the
Freemasons, over the past couple of centuries.  The
extreme right in both Europe and America has often charged
the Masons at being at the center of conspiracies against
religion and the established order.  Such conspiracy
theories (which often posit various Masonic-Jewish-communist
conspiracies to take over the world) continue to be in vogue
to this day.

Jim F.

On Mon, 01 Jul 2002 13:37:42 +0200 "Bethuel Lamola"
<LamolaBB at> writes:
> Hi
> I was wondering if there is a Marxist perspective on Fraternities,
> cults and secret societies. Is this another variable in the
> Capitalist
> equation of exclusivity. Did Marx say anything about this particular
> issue.
> This thought was inspired by a local Talkshow in which the
> Freemasons
> were discussed. It got me thinking when people started saying things
> like: 'Freemasons rule the world, manipulate markets, look after
> each
> other etc. Some went to the extent of saying 'almost all the
> American
> Presidents are Freemasons'. Is this true ? If so, is there a Marxist
> analysis to explain it all.
> Cheers
> Bethuel

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