James Petras and Workers Control in Argentina

Daniel Ortega tanks992000 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 1 17:10:23 MDT 2002

James Petras wrote in his last article on Argentina

...a transformation of property and social relations:
the worker occupation and operation of several
factories. The best known took place in Neuquen at the
Zanon ceramic plant, and the other in Buenos Aires at
the Brukmann garment factory. Both worker run
factories point to an alternaive to plant closings,
subsistence public make-work and soup kitchens....

Does anyone know if these workers are still running
these plants. I would be suprised if they were. Also
what were the nature, composition and structure of
organs of power that were the decision making process
of the workers in the factories? Does anyone know if
any of the marxist tendnencies were involved. I doubt
if they were. They screwed up big in December.

James Petras wrote:
The usually ubiquitous red flags and banners of the
marxist left, dissedent trade unions and piqueteros
were almost completely absent when tens of thousands
of Argentinians marched to the Plaza de mayo facing
the presidential Palace...on the hot summer afternoon
of December 19, 2001
The absence of the left on the first day of the
uprising (Dec 19) can be attributed to several
factors, both ideological and organizational. Most of
the left operates on a rigid class anaylsis from which
it deduced political behavior.

I always thought that in time of turmoil the left
would stop fighting its self and would be pushed into
a basic form of unity were each groupings respects
each others politics and activity. But I guess
Argentina has proved me wrong.


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