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Mon Jul 1 18:08:24 MDT 2002

Armand wrote:
>Hugo Blanco deserved fame comes from a) having led a
>mass guerrilla, pesant-based, defensive guerrilla
>warfare; b) being condemned to the death penaly and
>live to tell about it and C) the creation of the mass
>FOCEP (Frente Obrero, Campesino y Estudiantil del
>All three of these events he led as part of the Moreno
>tendency. As a matter of fact, with the personal
>advise and guidance from Moreno.  After leaving the
>Moreno tendency, Blanco went to become just a record
>of the achievements of the past.
>Blanco was recruited to Trotskyism in the University
>of La Plata by the Moreno tendency.  He militated in
>the Argentinean section for a few years and then he
>returned to Peru as part of an expansion effort of the
>Moreno's tendency.
>He remained a member of Moreno's party in Peru all
>throughout the process of the guerrilla warfare, the
>peasant organizing and the FOCEP launching.
>By the way, Moreno's tendency organized the world
>campaign to save Blanco's life.
>One should not confuse fame or popularity with
>political and ideological importance.

Armand, where on earth did you pick this stuff about Blanco up from?

Blanco was in the Fourth International (USec) and it was USec which
organised the campaign to save his life.  Blanco was aligned with the US
SWP-led tendency, then faction, within the FI - the LTF.  Of course,
Moreno's group was part of the LTF too, but the faction was dominated by
the US SWP leadership not Moreno.  FOCEP was formed about 1976 I think, or
1977, and Blanco was still closely aligned with the US SWP.

Blanco continued to be aligned with the FI (USec) after Moreno's current
left and after the Barnesite remains of the US SWP walked out.

I'm not certain of this, but as far as I know, Blanco is stil aligned with
the USec.

Philip Ferguson

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