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Tue Jul 2 06:51:33 MDT 2002

Armand wrote:
>Alexander's "History" of Latin American trotskyism is
>so discredited that virtually all the tendencies of
>the Fourth International, including Mandel, Hansen,
>Moreno and even poor Posadas issued factual
>characterizations and complained of thousands of
>distortions and gossip passing as facts.
>But the mere fact that Louis uses such sources should
>give everyone here a pause.

This is ridiculous. These squabbles were not invented by the Peruvian
police nor Alexander. They are a well-established fact of the Peruvian
revolutionary movement. Leon Campbell wrote an article titled "The
Historiography of the Peruvian Guerrilla Movement, 1960-1965" that appeared
in the Spring 1973 Latin American Research Review, a respected leftwing
academic journal. He states that "internal divisions" between Blanco and
Moreno led to Blanco's demotion in the ranks of this movement and perhaps
the eventual defeat of the movement he led. I know that Moreno is a saint
in your eyes, but I prefer agnosticism when it comes to Trotskyist cult

Louis Proyect
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