Against Scott's distortion ... and Nestor's and Armand's and everyone else's

Scott Hamilton s_h_hamilton at
Tue Jul 2 07:56:56 MDT 2002

Martin, there is a goldmine of information on
Argentina here

Most points of view, even bourgeois ones, are
represented in the archive - you just need to use the
search engine. The viewpoint which has been getting
the most airtime in Auckland is that of Workers
Democracy, one of the smallest and the left-wing
Trotskyist groups in Argenitna. WD, which has some
links with the Communist Workers Group, a constituent
of the Anti Imperialist Coalition, criticises the
Partido Obrero as centrist, arguing that the building
of the Popular Assemblies cannot be reconciled with
the 'stagist' call for a Constituent Assembly which
has been heard from PO and most other Trotskyist


"Revolution is not like cricket, not even one day cricket"

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