Brave bourgeoisie in commie Havana

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Thu Jul 4 16:38:45 MDT 2002

Sorry, to flog a decayed nag, chaps, but if you wish to view a portrait
of the American version of an Upstairs lady from Gosford Park, a British
motion picture about manners and class, see the photograph of Vicki
Huddleston (59), the highest-ranking United States diplomat in Cuba, in
the Fourth of July New York Times article: "Lighting Matches in Cuba on
the 4th."
Posed on the bench before a grand piano, Ms. Huddleston appears
tastefully coiffed and madeup in designer pantsuit with her carefully
arranged and obedient  Afghan hound Havana.  The article describes the
difficulties she surmounted in her bold dedication to hold a Fourth of
July party at her residence, despite the interferences of the vulgar
communists.  Americans should sleep well in the knowledge that such
courageous individuals carry forth the ideals and principles of their
"way of life" into the world, and distribute free radios tied in
red-white-and-blue to potential and actual Cuban traitors, along with
rummy drinks on the House.

Full article:

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