Brave bourgeoisie in commie Havana

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> The article describes the
> difficulties she surmounted in her bold dedication to hold a Fourth of
> July party at her residence, despite the interferences of the vulgar
> communists.

Cuba pays homage to U.S. on July 4

HAVANA (AP) - Despite its friction with Washington, Cuba's communist
government announced an unprecedented Fourth of July observance to
illustrate the regime's respect for Americans and their traditions.

The Communist Party newspaper Granma said the cultural event would be held
at the Karl Marx theater Thursday night and feature music and poetry in
honor of the "noble" American people.

"The cultural, spiritual and moral legacy of the American people is also the
patrimony of Cuba and of the Cuban people," Granma said.

No other details were provided, and it wasn't known if President Fidel
Castro would attend or if the event would be open to international

The government also announced that its evening television program Thursday
evening would be dedicated to "the historic significance of the United
States' Independence Day."

Castro himself often reaches out to Americans, saying his feelings for them
have nothing to do with his government's problems with the Bush
administration. He has said Americans are more welcome in Cuba than in any
other country.


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