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Thu Jul 4 17:47:23 MDT 2002

I have read the postings by some cdes. on this list regarding the 4th 
July celebration.
I understand, and salute, their willingness not to bend to the bourgeois 
Republic. But should we throw the baby with the awfully dirty water?
Howard Zinn´s piece, I think, gives us a clue. We should follow those 
enraged common people who shouted "Tyranny is Tiranny always!" and root 
our own struggles in the best struggles of our own fellow countrypeople 
(who are not only our contemporaries, but also those who lived in the 
past, and those who will live in the future: this is what history is all 
The American bourgeoisie robbed the American people of the best ideals 
that led their mighty historic struggles, those embedded in the 
Declaration of Independence, by substituting the search of wealth for 
the search of happiness. We must work, hand in hand with the radical 
revolutionists of yesterday and today, in order to enforce a new social 
order which will bring the flamigerous contents of those ideals to 
actual reality. It is not Bush, but it is we, who are the actual 
inheritors of those ideals.
Some years ago, I read on a professional magazine for geographers that  
the population of Boston had been asked in 1976 what did they think 
about the points of the early revolutionists (tax rebellion included). 
Most of them branded them "commie BS" or something to that effect. Let 
us assume that they are right. Fighting for human freedom is not the 
task of today´s bourgeoisies (most probably of no bourgeoisie in 
history). It is our task. And the conservative Bostonians of 1976 were 
right in lumping their forefathers of 1776 together with today's 
socialist revolutionaries.
Millions were mobilised by these ideals. We must show that we can bring 
them down to Earth, that we are the only ones who can fight for their 
becoming true in this awful world of bourgeois rule.
Let each of us become a Sam Adams, a Thomas Paine, a Digger and a 
Leveller. Let each of us become a new Brown! Let us demonstrate that 
none of all those things that "make America the best land on Earth" is, 
taken in itself, a truth, but that beneath each one of them lurks the 
revolutionary elan which will transform the current Empire of Evil into 
-this time, for all and forever- Land of the Free!
Marx´s writings about the Second American Revolution, usually known as 
the Civil War, should be enlightening enough. I wish we Latin Americans 
had caught Marx´s eye the way the American people did, because then we 
LA Marxists of today would have had a veneer of revolutionary analysis 
of our own history that would have enabled us to struggle for our own 
goals with more solid theoretical ammo.
The bourgeoisie, the Robber Barons of our times, have deprived the 
proletarians in the core countries of their own best inheritance. They 
have robbed them from the only sense of dignity that the oppressed in 
the First World can ever achieve: the consciousness that it is _on 
them_, not on their exploiters, that the task of turning the promises of 
bourgeois revolutions become true. Let us not allow our hatred of the 
Robber Barons to close our minds to their first and essential act of 
theft. The American people has been deprived, by their ruling class, of 
their best revolutionary tradition. It is our own task to recover it for 
all the American workers and, by so doing, to bestow it on every woman 
and man on this tortured planet.


Louis Proyect

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