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(Quoting Charles Demers)

> This isn't the first time that the anti-globalisation "movement," almost
> totally lacking its own political analysis, has stood shoulder to shoulder
> with fascism. At the so-called "Battle of Seattle," anarchist vegans marched
> alongside supporters of Patrick Buchanan who were there to oppose the
> erosion of the "American way of life." This "diversity" is often viewed as a
> positive development, reflecting a broadening and strengthening of
> anti-capitalism. It isn't.

Demers, a man I've known around this city for some time and quite respected, is
out of his fucking mind. Perhaps he should stop writing his rants from afar (and
trying to take over demonstrations called by others in Vancouver a week
ago...but I digress...) and actually get involved in what people are doing.
"AGAN" is a front for the National Alliance and has been trying- and not at all
succeeding-- to pawn itself off as a member of the anti-globalisation movement.
No one buys it, sees what they are all about and has threatened them, should
they show their pale ass faces anywhere near our work. I reiterate that to any
white nationalist fuck reading this.

In the months prior to what happened recently in many cities across the country,
"AGAN" was created by the NA to do "deep entry" work, something like the old
Trot strategy of joining social democratic parties perhaps, except only
splitting off with certain people of the right "creed". The very first time they
sent their filth out to any of the lists involving G8 organisers (in many
cities, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver... they were quickly understood to be the
most racist, anti-semitic garbage and were driven off. The fact is this: The
anti-globalisation movement is where people who are unsure what to do but want
to do something are going, and the filth know it. However, people who are
organising these events know clearly what is going on here. The Larouchite scum
have been appearing at more and more of our events, and the moment we see them
(I've been catching them often a lot myself, I apprently can smell fascist
filth) we kick them out- without hesitiation at all. They are unwelcome- no one
I am willing to work with says even the slightest bit the otherwise. Find one
organiser-- just one-- who is willing to work with the "anti-globalism action
network".  If Demers can do this, dinner is on me.

Charlie has done some vital work on Palestinian issues, and for that reason as
more people get pissed off at his increasingly armchair revolution approach to
things, I've defended him. But this is too much. Do some research if you are
some kind of journalist. You know where my office is, come defend this. This
amounts to slander.

Now, in Calgary, these same freaks showed up-- and were immediately showed the
door-- they went to the bourgeois and government sponsored G6B summit. They were
left alone to set up a little table by the people working with groups like
"Doctors without Borders". It took the radical organisers who were busy on the
other side of the city to chase them out.

The critique that there is a serious lack of analysis in the movement became
very very clear in Calgary- a lack of understanding what "capitalism" is, how
production works, whether kicking a soccer ball or covering yourself in mud is
"subversive" or just plain somewhat silly. But this accusation- that the
"movement" caters to fascists? Whatever, I personally showed these kinds of
slimeballs pushing David Ickes paranoid rants the door from the convergence
centre. I wasn't the only one, either. As these scum asvance more, we need to
train one another on how to deal with skinheads on your turf, how to get them
out of demos, how to get rid of the safely. It is a very dangerous thing when
you publically call them out and try to expel them. We do it because (especially
among our white folks) it is our duty, it is the only way that non-whites can
trust us, and because you can't ignore fascists like social democrats think- you
kick their sorry asses to the curb.

Charles, I'm blunt here: Quit being a sideline anti-cheerleader and (wrecker of
demos in Vancouver, apparently, although I was working in Calgary, fending off
these fascists we supposedly associate with- what on earth was he doing on J26
taking the crowd off like that? Who's the lunatic sectarian with that kind of
behaviour?) suck up your inflating ego and do something involved. Before you
become like Jack Barnes who you so correctly broke with.

I'm horrendously disappointed with what I have seen from you lately. It's not
like you, and we can't afford to see you become just another lefty- pissed off
and "knowing better"-- throwing shit from the sidelines, especially you, who
have done (and presumably want to do) great work getting the Palestinian people
justice and who have a lot more than this horribly ill-researched sectarian
spittle to contribute. You are one of our best- don't become a pain in the
collective arse.


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