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viveka kaliyuga at
Fri Jul 5 07:54:21 MDT 2002

I spent last night watching a program on Cuban television (over the
> Internet) on the historical significance of >Independence Day. The
> emphasized the influence that the First American Revolution had on José
> Martí and other Cuban fighters for independence. They also talked about
> importance of the Declaration of Independence, especially today, in the
> midst of an illegal presidency, the "war on terror" and attacks on civil
> liberties in the U.S.

I was only able to hear the rally over the internet and, not being
conversant in spanish, could only get a sense of what was being said.  So,
thank you for your quick interpretation.  I'm hoping a translation will be
available soon.

In any case, leave it to the Cubans to know just how to distinguish the
progressive and inspirational elements of the American "psyche" (if you
will) from the dreadful betrayal that is now headed up by the new King
George.   For those of us who felt alienated from the "celebration"
yesterday, it was good to be reminded that the American dream once meant
more than 2 cars and a house in the suburbs.


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