Rajoub's sacking - a query

Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at tao.ca
Sat Jul 6 11:51:52 MDT 2002

My *guess* wouldbe that the current situation has made the obvious finally sink
into Yasir, that he cannot be both a Palestinian representative and the leader
of his people. He has to make a choice, and it says very little for him that it
took all of this to make it.

But most people, when they can't lie to themselves about what is happening to
them all around them, don't really want to go down in history as a Quisling,
something that is probably even less attractive in Palestine than most of the
rest of the world. We'll see. Voyeurism on an issue this acute feels kind of
sick. I was given the opportunity to host a pair of activists from Ta`ayush, a
direct action, civil disobedience group that is promoting "living together"
among the Arabs and Palestinians in the region, through building electricity in
the villages in Israel "proper" (inside the Green line) that are "illegal"
unrecognised (etc). Anyhow, We'll see soon enough. I think Arafat is at the end
of his tenure.
If so, then his decisions will be more and more defiant... his PA opponents have
declared they don't like him, but that if Bush calls to remove him, "then I
become Arafats campaign manager".

It cannot be any other way.


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