Rajoub's sacking - a query

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Sat Jul 6 15:49:51 MDT 2002

At 10:51  6/07/02 -0700, you wrote:
>My *guess* would be that the current situation has made the obvious
>finally sink
>into Yasir, that he cannot be both a Palestinian representative and the leader
>of his people. He has to make a choice, and it says very little for him
>that it
>took all of this to make it.

Perhaps it is voyeuristic, Mac.  I prefer to think it of keeping
watch.  There is so little else one can do from this distance. It is like
the Bush Administration I feel the need to know the names of all the

Re Arafat - I read a very interesting piece on him in Ha'aretz. His decline
as a leader would seem to date from the death of Nasser.  The collapse of
the Soviet Union has just pushed him ever further away from revolutionary
struggle. In the end he quite clearly wanted and wants still to be just
another "moderate" Arab leader.  (Love that word moderate! It is used here
in the media to describe some of the worst of butchers as long as they are
on "our" side).

But as I have said before, the current crisis is a crisis of the
Sadat-Mubarak, Abdullah, etc collaborationist leadership of the Arab World.
It is they who are being defeated.  Out of their defeat and the total
exposure of their inability to lead and advance the cause of their people
will come the Arab Revolution.

Eventually disaffected Arab youth will sweep away the corrupt and the
incompetent. And that tale will be repeated elsewhere.



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